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We are a community driven Salon & Spa partnered with fellow business's that combine health, wellness & beauty. Hudson believes in complete wellness internally and externally.

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Virtual Nails a new alternative to acrylics now at The Hudson Salon & Spa

Tony Ebersole

Virtual nails $35

An acrylic alternative, no drills or odors. Full coverage nails applied with a calcium based adhesive & wears roughly 10-14 days.

Unlike acrylics or UV gel nail extensions, with Virtual Nails™, there's no filing or drilling and virtually no damage to the natural nail bed. Once you've been sized, Virtual Nails™ require only minutes to apply in our salon, using a special glue we created that keeps them in place for up to 2 weeks.

With Virtual Nails® there's no need for fill-ins either. After 2 weeks of wear, you just soak them off for 10-15 minutes in our special “Magic Melt” solution (a special combination of acetone and lanolin) and put on a whole new set … or go back to sporting your own natural nails.

Nail polish or gel can be applied over depending on your preference. 
$15 add on for gels.

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