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Tony Ebersole

Here come the Brides!  

It is so important that you get the look you want on your wedding day. Preparation for both Hair and Make- up is the key.  No matter what style, your bridal stylist will work with you to create your own unique look for your special day.  

Set your preview appointment a few months before your wedding day to get a feel of how you will look on that day and for your stylist to get accustom working with your bridal requests.

When choosing your bridal style,  make sure you pick something that you feel pretty in.   Is your hair full enough, do you need to add extensions to achieve the look you are going for? Have you picked a wedding style that is comfortable for hours of wear?   Does the bridal make-up highlight your best features?  All of these styles will be discussed during your preview.  Be open and honest with your bridal stylist.  If there is something you need to make subtle changes too your stylist would rather fix it than leave you unhappy before you walk down the aisle.  Weather is something to consider when choosing your bridal style.  If you will be in humidity or heat what will work with you and your wedding party the best?  

Be creative!  You can have multiple looks on your wedding day...  An up-do for the ceremony and a loose curls for your reception.  A great way to change your look in photographs and memories for years to come!